_Defoooooooooooooooooooorest (2016)

Defoooooooooooooooooooorest is a net based piece that shows the amount of trees needed to absorb the amount of CO2 generated by the global visits to google.com every second.

This project has been created with the aim to explore strategies able to trigger thoughts and actions capable to highlight the invisible connections between actions and consequences when using digital communication technologies.

Although it is intensively engaged in the logic of networks, the networked society has so far failed to transpose the logic of networking into daily life. We lazily assume that "everything is connected", but in fact we must remember that "everything is not connected", as Graham Harman stated. While humans are becoming increasingly machinelike and dependent on data, the connection between humans and their life giving natural habitats, is hastily fading away. We seem to have withdrawn into a machinic vacuum of reality which blinds us to the complexities of the world. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously trace the connections that exist between things in order to acquire a complex understanding of the world.

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Group exhibition at Ars Electronica Festival. 5th- 9th of September 2019. Linz, Austria. Photo: courtesy of Ars Electronica.
Group exhibition at Latvian National Museum of Art. 5th of July - 22nd of September 2019. Riga, Latvia. Photo: Courtesy of RIXC Festival.
Photo: Courtesy of the artist.